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【Japanese Biography】

ビッケブランカ / VK Blanka

2018年「まっしろ」がドラマ挿入歌として大きな話題を呼び、iTunes総合アルバムチャートで2位を記録。『ブラッククローバー』シリーズのオープニング曲がロングヒットを続け、「Black Catcher」は、Spotify「海外で最も再生された国内アーティストの楽曲」に2020年より3年連続TOP10入り、月間リスナー数は160万人を突破。ストリーミングサービスにて全楽曲総再生回数は5億回超え。


2024年1月31日のバンクーバー公演を皮切りに、2月20日のニューヨーク公演まで、全9都市を回る、北米ツアーを開催。また国内では、スペシャルイベント第3弾「Vicke Blanka presents RAINBOW ROAD -伝-」を5月4日(土)に大阪フェスティバルホールで開催。今回は、初の大阪での開催、かつ特別に対バンイベント形式となっており、対バンアーティストとして絢香・緑黄色社会が参加。

【English Biography】

VK Blanka is a versatile songwriter/composer.

"Masshiro" from album "wizard“ (2018) gained a surge of attention as a featured song in a TV series and marked #2 on the iTunes Japan Top Album Chart.  "Masshiro" hit #1 in the USEN Request: J-POP HOT30, YouTube MV Trending videos, and LINE MUSIC real-time ranking.  In the following year,  "Ca Va?" was featured in a TV advert for Spotify Japan, and the third album "Devil” (2020) hit #1 on the iTunes J-POP charts.  “Black Catcher” (2020) and “Black Rover” (2018) which were opening theme tracks for the anime series "Black Clover" continues to be a global hit, making more than 1.7M monthly listeners of VK Blanka on Spotify.

In 2022, released “BEST ALBUM SUPERVILLAIN” to celebrate the 5th anniversary of his major debut, and in the same year, he made his first arena concert in Japan. This year, VK Blanka has been active overseas showing his unstoppable expansion of activities beyond the Japanese market, and in October, a new EP, "Worldfly,” will be released which will be a collection of music inspired by his experiences in various countries he recently visited.In December of the same year, he performed at events in Poland and Spain, and recorded an overseas live attendance of over 5,000 people.

Starting with a performance in Vancouver on January 31st, 2024, he toured North America, hitting nine cities, and wrapped up in New York City on February 20th. 
In Japan, he will hold his third special event, “Vicke Blanka presents RAINBOW ROAD -TEN-”, on May 4th (Sat.) at Osaka's Festival Hall.
This will be the first time the event will be held in Osaka, in a Battle of the Bands format with ayaka and Ryokuoushoku Shakai participating as opposing artists.

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