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佐藤浩市主演のWOWOWドラマ「石つぶて」主題歌「Let it shine」、湊かなえ原作の映画「望郷」主題歌「光の影」など、タイアップ楽曲多数の全12曲を収録。

映像付き盤(Blu-ray / DVD)は、昨年10月に開催されたmoumoonワンマンライブ「中秋の名月」の模様が完全収録された豪華盤となっている。


moumoonʼs thoughts contained in the 7th ALBUM“Flyways”

Flyways refer to the flight paths during butterfly migration.

I love the word “Flyways” and it has stuck in my mind ever since I got to know it.

One morning, I stepped onto a trail as I was began to climb a mountain. After walking for a short time, a small butterfly flew in front of my eyes. It had strikingly beautiful purple wings. It was very friendly and didnʼt go away as I touched it with my finger.

On the way down, I saw a sign reading, “Can you see the butterfly path?”

I found out that there was guidepost for butterflies that we humans canʼt see. Butterflies look like they are just flying randomly and free, but I realized that there are actually trails for butterflies.

Ever since moumoon was formed weʼve had many wonderful encounters and have been blessed with great people.

Through music, we have encountered and worked with people who have similar thoughts and values as us and we started to think that we are unconsciously following our own “Flyways” that we just canʼt see.

We all may have met each other because we have something in common. We wanted to express that kind of encounter and serendipity with the album.

Through our music, we wish you great encounters and fortune and are glad if you could listen to this album as if you are traveling different roads with us.
We made this album with the image of flowers that are sprouting, blooming and filled with spirit and light. We believe this album can bring you smiles and make you
full of energy!

For some reason, you are interested in moumoon and happen to be reading this right now.
Let us appreciate that we have met on the same path, in the “Flyways”!

moumoon YUKA, K. Masaki